Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've got my potential husband all lined up...Or do I?

Forgive me, for I may have already touched on this subject before. But I love it so much, that I feel the desire to write more on it! (I have a tendency to do that at times. But it's my blog, so I write what I want! Ha ha! Just kidding....Jesus and I love you! Okay. Just read the rest of the post. I'm tired, and....just read.)

I love to watch movies, read books, and talk to people about these forms of entertainment! And, being the woman that I am, when I watch a movie or read a fictional book, I may-at times-let my heart get swept up in it. In fact, I have quite an extensive list of fictional characters that I would totally marry! Top of the list at the moment is Captain America. Gosh....he is noble, courageous, and HUMBLE! So epic!

Also on my list is Thor (he's got a legit hammer, let's be honest), Quasimodo (I'm sooooo in love with Quasimodo! His true love and self-sacrifice-ah!), Westley, the Beast (from "Beauty and the Beast"), Barron (he's a cat from the awesome anime "The Cat Returns." I highly recommend watching it.), Aragorn, Faramir, High King Peter, Zorro, Batman, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightly, the prince from "Sleeping Beauty," Po (from "Kung Fu Panda")'s late, my brain isn't working...I'm sure that there are many other male fictional characters who I am completely in love with! Seriously, if they were real, I would marry them in a heartbeat! If Captain America wasn't available, I'd move onto Thor. Or Zorro. Or Mr. Darcy. You get the idea.....

Be honest, you've done it too. Us lovely humans have trust issues. Lots of them. How many times have you-or someone you known-made a plan/sort of discerned God's will for them....but had-not only a Plan B--but Plans C,D,E, and F in case of failure? Honestly, is this trust? And I am in no way pulling myself apart from this group. Jokingly, I've made my list of fictional future husbands, but there are plenty of other times when, in all seriousness, I have made multiple plans, relying on my own judgment-so that MY will would be done.

And over the past couple days, I've been thinking on this topic of trust a little bit more, especially as I've been talking to different women from various households, and prayed about my vocation more. And then I had Philosophy of the Human Person tonight. EPIC 2 hours and 40 minutes of awesomeness! Afterwards, I hung out with a couple guys from my class at the Caf, and then had a chance to meet some more new people and talk! And it was awesome. Finally, I grabbed my philosophy book and headed to the chapel down the hall from my room. After all, what better place to do philosophy homework than with Truth Himself? And as I was reading through this fabulously awesome book, I came across this line:

"God assigns to every season its proper office; and He does not permit the condition He has set to be altered. Every violent effort to upset His established order will fail in the end." (Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, 17)

God has everything under control. Simple enough statement, right? Yet, how many of us truly realize it? How many of us trust that God has a set, beautiful, good established order for this world, for our lives? The Divine Mercy image has a prayer that Catholics often repeat throughout their days: "Jesus, I trust in You." This trust is a beautiful thing---so long as we truly have legitimate trust, and are not just saying the words. And we all fall short, we all become guilty of going through the motions. I can specifically point out a time in my life when I just said "Jesus, I trust in You"--but did not truly mean it. I had not truly entrusted my whole life to God-past, present, and future! So I have been learning, slowly but surely. Every day, He has new ways to teach me about trust. But it is still difficult. And there are moments when we think we know God's will; but later, He spins us around and when we stop, we realize that we are in a far different place than we thought we'd end up. We can make plans for our lives until the cows come home. But honestly, we will not be as fulfilled as we would be doing God's will. So let God take control; give everything to Him. Give Him that list of potential"future fictional husbands" and let Him rock your world! He's there, waiting for your ready, willing, joyful heart!

Jesus, I trust in You!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not so Ordinary

Blessed be God!
I apologize for not writing yet; I have been immersing myself in the blessed college life at Franciscan University of Steubenville! But I do not have anything until lunch and class, so I figured I would take a moment to write. For those of you interested, I shall provide a brief overview of life here since last Thursday, when I arrived:

Thursday: Ridiculous re-routing of my plane schedule, so that instead of arriving at college around noon, I showed up about 6:30 p.m. But it's all in God's plan, and it was an awesome day! I have met so many incredible people! And-scarily enough-they are knowing me! At lunch a few days after I arrived, I heard whispering behind me. "There she is-there's AnneMarie in her Feast Day Hat!" I turn around, to see these two sophomores or juniors who I have never seen before in my life! They start freaking out, saying "Oh my gosh!!!!!! We are fans. We are so your fans! You've been wearing the hat for two years?" So apparently they had heard the story of my Feast Day Hat from someone, and had been longing to actually get to meet me. They were very awesome! It was great to meet them! But if information like that spreads like is just a crazy feeling, being on a campus with 2,000 undergrads and already some random people know my name and such...Oh gosh....

Friday: I went to a couple mini-sessions, and chilled out a bit. I met a ton of awesome people, and got my bed all lofted and made. I really have to work on my wake-up routine; I am used to jumping out of bed to start my day. I can't really do that now, since I would harm myself by jumping out of bed. I'll figure out something.....we also had a "Welcome to Life at Franciscan" presentation, which consisted of a hilarious skit that exaggerated--but accurately communicated--many aspects of the university. Oh gosh. It was hilarious! You had to be there....after that, I went to my awesome small group, played Mafia outside, and finished up the night with "Tangled" in my dorm! Can I go on a little tangent about my awesome dorm? I live in Tommy More, which is an all-girl's dorm. The nickname for this place is "The Mansion." It was a fun community of girls, an awesome chapel, and crazy awesome RAs!

Saturday: A few sessions about the different opportunities on campus, Mass, I said good-bye to my mom, I had lunch with awesome people, and then I went shopping! The university usually does not provide shuttles to off-campus areas, but during orientation, they make an exception. I felt like a legit college student, rushing through Wal-Mart, buying everything that I could not take on the airplane (a pillow, hangers, shampoo, toothpaste, storage bins for clothes, etc). After that, I found myself at the Lord's Day for Rosa Mystica. I honestly had not been planning to attend a Lord's Day, so that I could work on organizing my half of our room, but God had other ideas....a girl I met, Dominique, invited me to their Lord's Day. And so I went. And God definitely used that hour long celebration of His Rising. Wow. Moving on....I went to dinner with my roomie (who, by the way, is absolutely awesome! Her name is Emily, and she's a ton of fun and she and I are actually a lot alike in some ways), and then went to the semi-formal dance for the Orientation Team and New Students! The dance was a blast! The live band was comprised of 70 year olds, and they played a ton of oldies music that I had never heard before. But I was dancing around, being crazy with my girlfriends, and it was awesome! After I left the dance, I went back to Tommy More, for the "lock-in." Basically, the doors were locked to all male visitors, and us girls ate cereal, danced, colored, played Apples to Apples, and talked until "quiet hours" started at midnight. And it was awesome!

Sunday: I went to Mass, which was awesome and beautiful and incredible! And after Mass, they played "Alive Again," which now is officially stalking me. Great song! I then went to brunch with one of my new awesome friends, Allison. We were joined by another one of my friends, Brandon, who is a junior here. And we all talked until we were kicked out of the Caf because it was closing! I then talked to my family on the phone for a little bit, and went to Dinner with 12 Strangers. This dinner is an awesome part of Orientation. Here's how it goes: My small group of 7 girls met up with a small group of 6 or so guys. We went off-campus to the house of one of the science professors and his wife. A cute old couple! They were adorable! They made us spaghetti with homemade sauce and meatballs, and used some seasonings from Italy in it! And we had Texas Sheet Cake. We played games, talked, and had a great time! Then, we came back to campus and hung out, and went to "Sundae for Your Sunday," which is exactly what it sounds like. After that, I went to go swing dancing! Every Sunday night at about 10 p.m., a household hosts a casual swing dance outside of the Finnegan Fieldhouse. And since one of the guys who is a big-time swing dancer had met me through Andy, I got to help demonstrate to some people who were learning! And then he taught me some new stuff, and I danced around with other people. It was a blast! At midnight, I went to a showing of "The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged" by the Drama Department. It was like the "Reduced Shakespeare Company," though I think it was a little better, since it was live and these are college students who I will probably end op seeing around. And they had a little audience interaction, which was quite humorous to watch.

Monday: I talked to the different departments that I am involved in, English and Theology. And in the Theology orientation, we basically got a lesson by the friar who led it. It was fabulous! We had a Convocation and Opening Mass, dinner, and the Ministry Fair. I definitely signed up for way to much stuff, but it's all good! They have so many ministries, it is crazy! Then I prayed, talked to one of my best friends on the phone, Irish danced in front of the chapel (it was out of the way, and that way I could dance for Jesus!), watched a little bit of "Pocahontas" in "the fishbowl" (a common room with a tv right next to my room), and followed it with some epic/deep conversations with a couple people!

Tuesday: Psychology class! At 8 a.m.!! And my instructor, Dr. Storm, is awesome/a morning person/crazy cool! And we talked about the importance of names!!!! Fun stuff!!!!

Also, I have been thinking about English recently. Well, it is one of my majors-writing concentration-yay!! I love to write, though it is difficult for me to have a strong patience to carry through a particular piece. I have written fiction before, and I like it well enough. I have written historical papers, and those are nice. I have written a tad bit of fantasy, and that was fun. But honestly, I do not feel as if I have a passion strong enough about any of those writing styles to make a go of it. Still, I felt that I needed to do this English major. I do not have any English classes this semester, so after the Departmental Orientation, one of the instructors actually came over to me (she thought I looked like I wanted to ask her a question) and talked to me for 5-10 minutes! Dr. Sunyoger told me about this interesting type of writing, called "creative nonfiction." Basically, it involves elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary-for instance, discussing a pen. A common pen, but elevating it to the standards of the "extraordinary" through research and personal stories. I had never heard of creative nonfiction before, but it immediately sparked my interest. By talking to Dr. Sunyoger, I began to see that my writing on this blog--which I absolutely love--leans towards the direction of creative nonfiction! I told her how I elevated a massage chair to the discuss God's will, and she started telling me that I am along the lines of creative nonfiction. She began mapping out courses for me to take, and even gave me a website about creative nonfiction!

Elevating the ordinary to the level of extraordinary. Isn't this what Catholicism is all about? In the spirit of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, we do "small things with great love" and our ordinary actions become extraordinary! We become ordinary, we humble ourselves, and we see our nothingness-and God elevates our spiritual lives to an extraordinary level. What looks to be an ordinary piece of bread becomes elevated to the Body of the Son of God. An ordinary woman was elevated to be the Mother of God. Our very lives are simply ordinary existence without God. But with God, our lives are brought to an extraordinary level of love and joy!

Needless to say, I feel that God is showing me what to do. Creative nonfiction so strongly seems to be in my nature and the nature of the Catholic faith. I now have a much greater sense of direction with writing, and it is a relief to know that I will be able to take specialized classes to help develop my creative nonfiction voice!

So go out, and let God elevate your very life for Him to an extraordinary depth of holiness!!
May the peace and blessings of God drench you always!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blast Back to the Past....

So, I have no time to really write any kind of reflection, since I'm working on last-minute stuff (my flight takes off at 6 a.m. tomorrow for the land of Far Far Away Awesomeness!). So here's a little something I wrote up a couple years back. Enjoy! May God's blessings shower down upon you all!
Knight in Shining Armor by AnneMarie Hauge, 9/10/09
The sun climbs up the sky
Colors stretching forth
A bright, fresh world
Springing forth with beauty
All is awake but she
Lying in bed, tossing, turning
The memories plaguing her heart
Of last night
Who wants to be alone
On Friday night?
All the popularity, pulling you
Into the party, into the storm
It wasn’t that much to give,
Was it?
It had been her chance
To be someone
After walking through
Two years of high school
She wanted to fit in
To be someone special
She wanted her chance
Thought she had it,
Friday night
Now she tosses and turns
Her heart crying out
As it falls and crashes
Into thousands of pieces
I couldn’t be alone
Any longer
This was my chance
To be someone
It didn’t seem like
That much-
At the time
All day she is plagued
The memories torture
Her downtrodden spirit
She feels so worthless
She has to get away
Some quiet place to think
Get away from the noise
Of her mind
And the memories
She accelerates down the road
Radio turned off
Listening to silence
Still, the memories
Chase after her,
Trying to catch up
She needs to get away
Then, she sees it
Little church, surrounded by fields
No one around
Calm and peaceful
Just what she needs
She parks the car,
Dashes up the steps
Yanking the church doors open
Inside, all is serene
No glow of candles
Save the red lamp
She sinks into a pew
Utterly collapsing
Her emotions letting loose
I feel so worthless
Broken and crushed
It didn’t seem like much
To give, but it was
How can I live
Will my knight
Ever come?
Her eyes are drawn
To the tabernacle
A shining castle,
Beckoning her to
Wait, just wait….
I will be your
Knight in Shining Armor
I am your King
Come back to me,
My daughter, my love
She looks over to see
An elderly priest
Sitting in a pew nearby
Father, bless me-
I have sinned
She exits the church
Feeling somewhat refreshed
But still uneasy
How can I live?
How will I face them?
And what could
God mean to say this?
The questions flood her mind
Uneasiness of the future
Grips her heart
People walk past her
Entering the place
To partake of the
Lord of Lords
She turns around
Walks up the steps
Enters, slides in the pew
Singing, reading, encouragement
Previously only going
Through the motions
Now, more attentive
For some reason
The bells ring
Her eyes look up
Sees Him
Lifted high
Here I am.
You are Mine.
Dearest, I am coming.
She rises as He comes
Her Knight in Shining Armor
She walks forward
As He is brought to her
Take Me, eat Me,
I am here for you…
I am your Knight
I will protect you
She falls to her knees
Overflowing with joy
Her Knight had come
To save her
O dearest, my Love
Thank you for
Strengthening me
For being my Knight
In Shining Armor
Now I can face them
Renewed in my faith
Convicted in Truth
With You at my side
For You are my Knight
Laying down Your life
For me to be
Someone special, someone loved
Thank you, my Knight
For coming-to rescue me
The days go by
Friday once again
The cell phone rings
In her room
But she is not there
To answer the call
To fall into the storm
No, she gazes at
Her Knight
Love flowing forth
From her heart
To His
Thank you, my Love
For coming to me
You have greatly
Strengthened my heart.
It is my honor, my love
I will always protect you
For I am your Knight
In Shining Armor.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

He'll Move those Mountains

I really feel the need to write, though I have no clue as to what I am to say. My thoughts are very disjointed and undeveloped right now, as I'm preparing to move to Ohio on Thursday.

Yes. Ohio. That's a LONG way away from Kansas. Most of my friends who go to college journey to about 3ish hours away from home, to K-State or KU. Some go 30 minutes away to WSU, or less than that travel time to go to Newman or Friends. And I have a couple of friends who travel 6-8ish hours to attend the University of Dallas. While all of my friends who attend these schools and live in the dorms have to work hard to move their belongings, it is quite a feat to move 1100 miles away from home. Seriously, the foresight needed for the coming months while packing is ridiculous. I won't be home until Christmas, so I needed to pack clothes that will carry me through the humid/hot late summer days of Steubenville, warmer clothes for the cooler fall months, and even a couple clothes that can keep me warm if the early December weather takes a turn for the worse. While packing, I had decided that I was much too lazy to find a good sized box, pack it, and mail it out to the university. No, I had decided that I would simply fill my rolling-carry-on luggage and a massively huge suitcase, and leave it at that. Poverty, right? I could handle just living with those belongings. Well, my dad and neighbor convinced me to pack and mail and extra box. I relented, and my mom was relieved-I now knew that I would have enough to carry me through the semester. But the adventure did not end dad came out, saw my suitcase, and pointed out a rip that was on the side! A rip that definitely was not fixable. So off to go searching for another box! And I packed it full, mailed it off, and now am realizing that the majority of my clothes are in transit somewhere in the U.S., hopefully on the way to Steubenville. I'm just trusting God that the mail service will do its job and take my clothes safely to school.

Trusting God. It's definitely something that I've gone through a lot within the past three years. And this whole college thing has been one huge lesson in trust. See, a few years back, I suddenly got it in me that I was completely opposed to the idea of actually going to Steubenville. Yes, it is a great school, and I was baptized on campus, but I thought that someplace like Ave Maria would be better for me. And then, junior year, I was in Adoration at an All-Night Vigil (which are awesome, by the way), and God literally spoke in my heart: "You need to go to Steubenville." Whoa....what? Well, okay......So I applied for Steubenville that summer. I scheduled a campus visit in October of senior year, and I was excited to go visit the campus as a prospective student. But a couple weeks before I left for my visit, I received a letter in the mail. An acceptance letter to FUS, and.....a scholarship letter, awarding me $5,000/year for all four years! I had been given $20,000 that I NEVER applied for! From there, God continued to work. My campus visit was incredible, filled with blessings, graces, and fun. As I continued to do paperwork and prepare to begin my education there, I found out that I received a $1,100 Franciscan University Youth Conference Scholarship that I had practically forgotten that I applied for! And then there were random bits of money here or there-grants and stuff for freshman--that I randomly got. All of a sudden, what was going to be a gigantic sum of money that I owed for my first semester turned into a much more manageable sum!

So I have been learning, and witnessing, the power of trust in God. Honestly, there are so many people who feel that they just have to settle on a certain school because of cheap tuition; settle on a major because they feel its the best option to get a job; or stay in their current prayer level, 'cause they don't feel that they can somehow get into a deeper relationship with God.
With God, all things are possible!
I know that people say "be realistic." To that, I wish to quote Abby Johnson, former Director of Planned Parenthood: "We serve a God who is in the business of miracles."
Trust in God, do your part, and He WILL move mountains!
May the grace, peace, and blessings of God shower down upon you this day and all your days!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

With Reckless Abandon

My family receives the alumni magazine from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and I usually peruse it for interesting articles-especially since I'll be attending there as a student. Well, in the most recent issue, there was an article of former student's favorite advice from professors. One of the pieces of wisdom really jumped out at me:

"Find a good mate, settle down, and procreate with reckless abandon."~Dr. Regis Martin

Really, how many people think about Catholicism in this way? Seriously, many people look at faithful Catholics with scorn, thinking "Oh, they never have any fun," "oh, their lives must be soo boring, all they ever do is go to church," etc. BUT, look at the "Theology of the Body for Beginners" by Christopher West sometime. I don't have a copy on me to give good quotes, but just know that there is a lot of good stuff in there. Anyways, I'm getting back into the Dr. Martin quote.
"Find a good mate." It's a difficult journey, finding one's spouse. Some people marry the first person that they date, others go through many heartbreaks and prayers and valleys before they find their spouse. And don't just look at this quote with a view of marriage, either. I believe that this quote can apply to the vocations of priesthood and religious life as well. Priests are bound to the Church, and religious women are espoused to Christ. But even this process of "finding a good mate" is a difficult one. Trust me. Once a person feels called to priesthood or religious life, the journey to "find a good mate" isn't over, its just beginning. There are so many women's religious orders that are all awesome! And for men, there's diocesan priesthood, which is awesome, or several men's religious orders that are also fantastic! And many people that I have talked to have felt so strongly called to one particular order, but then God calls them to another order! And then there are all of those people who feel so called to priesthood or religious life, but God ultimately calls them to marriage! On the flip side, many engagements have been broken because of men or women entering religious life. So "finding a good mate" is a long, difficult journey, but the reward is well worth the effort.

"Settle down." Again, another challenging command. "Settle down." Once the person is united to their spouse, they should not be restless, anxious to move on with life alone. No, this person must settle down with their spouse, uniting themselves to the service of God as they are called. A married man must settle down with his wife, and seek to love her more each day; he no longer actively seeks romantic relationships with other women, his eyes are for his wife alone, and the same goes for a married woman. The married people must "settle down," each seeking the other's best interests. For religious life, the man or woman must "settle down" in obedience to their superiors and order. A missionary sister must "settle down" and rest in the Will of God, being sent wherever He wills. Wherever God sends her, the sister must settle down and do God's work, and the same goes for religious men.

"And procreate with reckless abandon." This part of the quotation always brings a smile to people's faces. After all, this is a direct command to bring forth life with love and pleasure. This act is a very necessary part in the life of any married couple; in fact, in order for the Sacrament of Matrimony to be consummated, the "marital hug" (to quote my Old Testement teacher from freshman year) must take place. God commanded us to "be fruitful and multiply," and so we should. Though each couple is called to have a different number of children, couples are all called by God to be open to the gift of life. Natural Family Planning is a fantastic method for couples to practice unity with God and each other, concerning the process of procreation.
Now, do not think that this command to "procreate with reckless abandon" is simply for married people. Those people who enter religious life do not engage in the "marital hug," but they "procreate with reckless abandon" in various ways. To procreate means to "bring forth offspring" (Webster's Dictionary). In other words, to procreate means to bring forth life! How do religious women and priests bring forth life? Through prayer, sacrifices, evangelization, and love. Religious women and priests pray for the people of the world, so that they may live in God's love. Religious women and priests sacrifice, to bring forth life and love to the world. They evangelize, bringing the life of God to others. They love--they seek for the good of others above themselves, so that others may live. The very life of a religious sister or priest is so "procreate with reckless abandon," without caring for their own good, to be wild with love for God, to bring forth life for Him!
Good words of wisdom to live by.
Find a mate.
Settle down.
And procreate with reckless abandon!
May the love of God drench you with joy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Assasins of the Toffee Monster, unite!

Yesterday, I threw a massive get-together of people before we all part ways for school. It was pretty awesome; I was able to talk with several people who I have not seen in quite a while, right before we part ways for the semester! In preparation for this party, my family and I had made A LOT of candy. We were going to have an "ice cream bar" with several toppings. One of the toppings was toffee. Well, we made the toffee a few days before, and had frozen it. But the toffee was in large slabs, and needed to be broken up into small pieces.

John Paul and I came to the table, armed with large sharp knives and dinner plates. We placed the toffee onto the plates, and began cutting it-or at least, trying to. My sister exclaimed in surprise; her dinner plate broke down the middle, due to trying to break up the toffee. Well, my mom came in, and instructed us to put the toffee on a jelly roll pan, and use rolling pins to break it down. It is here that the League of the Toffee Assasins was born. John Paul and I set out to kill the Toffee Monster. Breaking down the minions that made the Toffee Monster, we put forth much strength and many grunts. The Toffee Monster kept coming; more and more toffee appeared for us to break down. And the toffee was not easy to break down, it took several tries many times. But we did it; we broke down the toffee! Finally, we came to our last piece: the Mother Toffee. It was a perfectly formed triangle, with smooth swirls of chocolate. Innocent looking, but we knew that it was dangerous. It was from this toffee that all the minions came forth. The Toffee Monster set out to take over the world, and we needed to stop it in its tracks. Smashing down on the Mother Toffee, it broke into many pieces. Our task was done. Our hands and rolling pins were covered in "toffee monster guts," so we set about removing all traces of the Monster. Stealthily, we licked off our fingers and rolling pins. But that was not enough; traces of the Toffee Monster still remained. Hot water and soap proved to be the final foe for the Monster. The Toffee Monster was gone....or so we thought. About half an hour later, I was coming up from cleaning downstairs, and I happened to glance down. There, on my right foot, was a small piece of the Toffee Monster. In one last desperate attempt to prevail, the Monster had latched onto my foot, clinging to my body. I rebuked the Monster, rubbing it off with hot water and soap. The Toffee Monster was no more. The captives that we had broken up were later eaten, being destroyed by many people's appetites. Victory was ours!

Obviously, this was a much more exciting incident in person. Reading the account does not capture the grunts and insults that John Paul and I attacked the toffee with. Regardless, this incident does carry a great spiritual lesson: There is always toffee somewhere in the world; spiritual warfare is always present. Sin is always present. Demons are constantly at work. We must not sit idle and let them take over our lives! We must attack them with our rolling pins in hand, prayers on our lips! The monster, Satan, sends out his minions to sneakily enter the lives of people. Note: sneakily. The devil is not always blatantly obvious. He is way too smart for that! No, he works very, very sneakily. And even if you think that you have rooted out a particular sin with the "hot water and soap" of the sacraments, watch out--because Satan may still be trying to latch onto you. He hates holiness, and a growth in holiness angers him, it can spur him on to attack you. Be wary of the toffee latching onto your foot--of the devil sneakily entering your life, so you don't even notice him at first! The value of a good Examination of Conscience is huge! "The unexamined life is not worth living," said Socrates. How true indeed! We must daily be examining ourselves, seeing our weaknesses, our faults, so that we can ward off the attacks of the devil! Take courage, for God is on your side! Be a demon hunter, finding the demons that try to make their way into your life, and send them packing!

"Put on the full armour of God, so as to be able to resist the devil's tactics." ~Ephesians 6:11

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dancing Broccoli

I started off my day by sleeping in until 9:30 or so, then opening up my package of TEA from Harrod's Department Store, in London! "Finest Earl Grey" is what the package said--and it smelled AWESOME! So I had this lovely cup of tea which made my stomach feel all warm and cozy! And I storge tea. But that reality has already been established. And now I'm having another cup, because my Confirmation sponsor is over, and I HAD to give her some, and give myself more!

Well, after finishing my lovely cup of tea this morning, I helped prepare lunch for the priests at my parish (every Thursday, my family prepares lunch for them). My sister, Christina, and I had to cut up broccoli to steam. Well, we were cutting up broccoli, and I began seeing just how awesome broccoli is. I picked up one broccoli "tree," and said "Hey look--it looks like a guy with a fro!" Then my sister finds a piece and says, "Hey look-it's like an Irish dancer!" (Irish dancers wear wigs of curly hair, and the broccoli looked a little like that). So, I found a piece that looked like Michael Flatley (the guy who started Riverdance) and a piece that looked like a girl with long hair, and thus it was born: Riverdance--with broccoli. Yes, I danced these broccoli pieces around the table for a little bit, before they went back on the plate. And then I found a piece that looked like it had a mullet. Strangeness! Then my mom asked me to stop touching all of the broccoli, even though my hands were clean. Well, at least I could have SOME fun before being made to stop!

So...dancing broccoli.....

I am a firm believer that if you're involved in something, don't make it halfhearted (well, except for science or math homework). Live with passion! Human beings are created with deep emotions and passions, but honestly--there are so many people who don't live passionately. So many people that I have met live apathetically. They have no zest for life in any way. And I find that so sad! God creates us to love and to be loved....this love involves having a passion so deep that it drives us to sacrifice ourselves for others!

Life is an adventure; God places us each here with a specific purpose, a specific pathway to follow. In life, He brings us many people and events--again, each has a purpose. Whatever God does not ordain, He permits--so why go through life apathetically? Why not live with passion, wholeheartedly throwing ourselves into this great adventure of life that God brings us? If we're living, we have some choices: We can simply exist, apathetically, without really caring or living with passion or zest. Or we can live negatively. Or we can live with a positive, joyful zest for life, with passion. Taking all things that God gives us with joy, seeing the beauty and purpose in all people and events. Even in the small things, like dancing broccoli around the kitchen table.

The day is here.
The choice is yours.
Will you dance with the broccoli that God sends?