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If you spend enough time around me on this blog or in person, you will soon find out that I love what tends to be on the geekier side of life-superheroes, Star Wars, get the idea. Occasionally Frequently, various fandoms creep up into the blog, so I've decided to give you a small sampling of some of my favorite posts. Also, if you like geeky things, I recommend checking out the website, The Catholic Geeks. Yes, I'm a little biased, because my brother writes for the site, but really-it's a great place to read reviews and analyses about different shows and games. Geronimo!!!!

I love these mittens, and this knitting project was
so much fun! 

"Why This Catholic Loves Firefly." It's a reality we can't deny: a lot of Catholics love the show Firefly. Why? I don't entirely know, but I do know why I-as a Catholic-love Firefly. If you have never understood the appeal of this show-or if you don't know what it is-I invite you to check out this post! 

"8 Ways That Video Games Help Me Learn About Marriage." I'm a bibliophile, and would far rather spend hours in a library or in a coffee shop with a good book (and a friend to discuss it with!) than in front of a CRT at a gaming tournament. In all irony, I married a competitive gamer-and not only that, but video games have taught me about marriage! Check out this post to see what I've learned.   

"Batman, Hugh Hefner, and the Call of St. Matthew." I love Batman-particularly the 1960s, ultra-cheesy adventures of the Caped Crusader & Boy Wonder! What does our beloved superhero have to do with Hugh Hefner and St. Matthew? Read this post to find out! 

"The Communion of Saints is a Bit Wibbly-Wobbly." I love saints and Doctor Who, so why not bring these two topics together? 

"Discernment, Detachment, and Donna Noble." Talking vocations and Doctor Who. What could be more fun?? 

"Celebrating 2 Years of Epicness-An Avatar Anniversary!" In case you want to hear about our second wedding anniversary, here are a couple details! You can also find links to recipes for foods in Avatar: The Last Airbender towards the bottom of this post. 

"How Board Games Help My Marriage."  Here's a short reflection on board games and marriage, with an awesome quotation from Pope Francis! 

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